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Khushyati Sachwani

10 Years

53 Years

Sri Aurobindo Public School.

Madhya Pradesh

‘Scary Mathematics’ Essay by 10 year old Khushyati Sachwani from Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh

time for math essay by kids Bookosmia

My mid terms were about to start. I was quite good in all the subjects except scary mathematics. Always surrounded by the mathematics problems but  never get rid of it easily!


One night while sleeping soundly, I could hear echoing, number rhymes as if all  the numbers were dancing on my head. I opened my eyes wide and looked  around me. All mathematical symbols were standing next to me.


One of the symbols asked, “Would you like to become my friend?”

I immediately answered, “Yes !”


I opened up about my pain to addition, “I can deal with you easily but when it comes to subtraction, division and multiplication not my cup of tea.”


Soon they all assured me and filled me with confidence that nothing is  impossible. The next day I got up, rubbing my eyes. My mom said,” Khushi, make it fast! It is your math exam tomorrow.”


I left my bed with a ray of hope, thinking I can beat my fear, studied day and  night to access mathematics.

Fortunately, by the grace of god, I did well in my exams and secured good  marks. I think my dream came true ….


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