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Arya Prashant Bhat

7 Years

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A Happy Flower by 7 year old Arya Prashant Bhat from Mumbai Tangram#18

Hey. Sara here and I am back with some cute yet meaningful stories from our  friends at the Little Readers Nook. 7 year old Arya Prashant Bhat from -Mumbai feels we have a lesson to learn from flowers.

Can you think of a story on the flower tangrams too?

A Happy Flower

One fine morning a beautiful flower bloomed in the garden. As soon as she  opened her eyes she saw many beautiful things around her like tall mountains,  green trees, bright yellow sun and many other colourful things. She saw the  bright sun smiling at her. She too happily smiled at him.

A girl came to the  garden and noticed the beautiful flower. She loved it very  much and wanted to take it home. So she plucked the flower and took it home. She offered it god after reaching home.

At the end of the day, the flower dried up.

Moral of the story :
The flower gave happiness to everyone around her till she was fresh. This shows we should always keep smiling in any situation whether it is good or bad just like the happy flower.

Arya Prashant Bhat, 7, Mumbai

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