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#Sara’sActivities: Tangram #15- Superhero in a rocket

STEM Activities for Kids Sara's Activities Tangrams

Read with Sara stories for kids by young writer Upamanyu Kolkata BookosmiaHey little ones. Your new best friend Sara here. 7 year old Upamanyu of LRN has penned this tangram story, living his dream I am sure- of an astronaut who is also defeating the bad guys! Read on….


Sam and his Rocket

STEM Activities for Kids Sara's Activities Tangrams

Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Sam. He was very interested in space.

When he grew up he studied very hard in astronomy and became an astronaut. His dream was to go to space in a rocket.

One day his dream came true when he was selected to go to space in a rocket.
After he started his journey to space, after a few days he landed on an  unknown planet.There he found some  living beings who were very tiny in size.


He realized that he had come to a place full of aliens. The aliens at first were very scared to see Sam and his rocket.  They started to attack him and his rocket but as they were very small they could not hurt them. When the leader of the aliens realized that Sam was a good man, he ordered the others not to attack Sam and his rocket. He said to Sam, “ If you are a good guy, can you help us from the bad aliens of this planet ? ” Sam said,  “ Yes, of course I will.”

Then Sam asked the good aliens to take shelter in his rocket while fighting with the army of the bad aliens. After Sam defeated the bad aliens, he put them all in his empty bottles of juices and threw them away. Then he asked
the good aliens to come out from his rocket. The leader of the good aliens thanked him. Sam said bye bye to them and came back to Earth safely in his rocket.

Upamanyu Bhattacharya, Kolkata, 7 years

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