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The Kite by 6 year old Ishta from Hyderabad Tangram #4

Kite Tangram Activities for kids with Sara Bookosmia

Hello little ones. Sara here, everyone’s new best friend! I am getting hooked to the cute little stories and Tangrams by our friends at Little Readers Nook. Check out the story of Bindi, the kite by 6 year old Ishta Chepuri.
Once upon a time, there lived a pretty little kite named Bindi. She was full of colours. Her face was blue, yellow and green and she had a purple, pink, grey and yellow tail. Although she was the most beautiful kite, she was very stubborn. She would not listen to anyone’s advice. Her elders often told her not to fly very high.

Tangram Activities for kids with Sara Bookosmia

One windy morning, Bindi flew away. She was excited and happy, she was finally flying. As she flew upwards, she was curious to know what was beyond the clouds, where the birds were going, which is the tallest tree and so on. So she flew higher and higher and higher.

Uh-oh, she got stuck on the tallest tree. She sobbed, “I want to go home. Some one get me down!”

A bird who was sitting on the tree heard her cries and flew down. The bird quickly untangled Bindi and set her free. She thanked the bird and flew away.

Hence Bindi learnt a lesson that we should listen to elder’s advice or else we will land in trouble.


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