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#SaraReads: Story- The Avengers and the Evil Thieves

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The news just came in. A team of 80 thieves were planning to loot the city of Goa. The Avengers decided to stop them. They plotted a plan to catch the thieves. They decided to build a fake bank. 

The fake bank would be very tall, thin and would have a dollar sign on top of it. It would be very hot inside the bank. The bank would have cement falling from the ceiling. 


Jack Ryan was the chief of thieves.He was a tall man. He came from the Thief City. Only thieves lived there. All of the thieves wore masks and were bald. They also had very long legs.  Jack Ryan was bald too. He had a secret hideout. To get to his home, he would pull a rope down in an old building. When the rope was pulled, stairs would appear from a wall. 


He would climb up the stairs to get to his home. He was turning 51 on December 1st. Because of that, he wanted to rob the whole continent. He thought that would be a fun way to celebrate his birthday. 


He also wanted to rob a jewellery store. Jack wanted to scare the workers and steal all the jewellery.  He called up 80 of his thief friends. He told them about his plan to rob the bank  and the jewellery store. 


Jack told them that they would rob the bank at day time and the jewellery store at night after it had been closed. They would break the glass and get into the store. After they had stolen the jewellery, they would go to Jack Ryan’s home to keep the stolen cash and jewellery. 


As planned, the next day, thieves attacked the bank. They broke the glass of the building and got inside. But when they got into the building, they realised that it was fake. There were many police that were hiding and waiting to catch them. And all of them got stuck inside. 


Then the Avengers removed the bank’s fake cover and caught all the thieves and of course their leader, Jack Ryan. It wasn’t going to be a very happy birthday for him that year in jail. 

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