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#SaraReads: Story- What if Nature talks

#SaraReads young author Bookosmia


Once upon a time, there was a boy called Joy who lived in a small village near the Amazon forest. One day he woke up to loud, scary noises. Some people  had come with big machines and were cutting trees.

They cut 20-50 trees and left the next day leaving the whole forest in a mess. Poor animals jumped around as their homes were destroyed. Joy saw this and stood there for a long time. He heard a voice behind him.

“Welcome to the destroyed forest”
Joy turned around and asked “Who are you”?
NATURE: I am Nature!
JOY: How can you talk?

NATURE: We’ll get to that later. First tell me why are you cutting trees and why do you need them? Most importantly I heard that 2050 of my trees were cut  in the Amazon forest.
JOY: I didn’t cut any trees. The workers cut the trees. Also I have to say that wood is our main resource. We can’t survive without it.It helps us to make furniture and lighting up fire in dark places.

NATURE: But if you cut every tree in the world, you can’t live because trees give you oxygen to breathe and shade to protect. Else the sun will burn you.
JOY: I don’t care about the Sun. If furniture didn’t exist, it will be uneasy for humans to do activities faster. It gives us comfort.

NATURE: Why can’t you sit down? Is there any problem to sit down?
They kept talking for a long time but the problem was not solved.

NATURE: Ok, if that question wasn’t answerable, why do all of you use
vehicles like buses, trucks, cars, motor bikes etc.? Why can’t you walk?
JOY: Walking gives us a lot of stressful pains, so we started using vehicles
to reach place on time. What is your problem if we use vehicles?
NATURE: They pollute the nature. The smoke from the vehicles spread
everywhere and cause breathing problems to you and kill plants and
animals as well. If you want to go fast, ride a bicycle.

JOY: Bicycles? They are way too slow. If we need to go fast, we need to pedal faster and it hurts our knees.
NATURE: But it keeps you fit and is fun too.

They talked for two days but they still did not agree with each other’s views.
Joy got angry and shouted, “Stop it! Why are you arguing with me”?

NATURE: Because you are destroying us. Only because of us, you are alive.  Also animals can’t live because their homes are being destroyed by you. Most importantly trees give you oxygen and absorb harmful gases. That is the first thing for you to stay alive.
JOY: It doesn’t matter because they are useless.

NATURE: Fine! I will test you if you can survive without oxygen for five minutes.
Joy laughed hard. “Just five minutes?”
The Nature sucked up all the oxygen. After two minutes, Joy shouted,
“Help me! Help me! I need oxygen.”
NATURE: The time has not ended yet and you need to survive three more minutes.


Joy said, “Okay, I accept. I understood that oxygen is important.” He grasped for breath.
Then the Nature released all the oxygen.
Joy asked, “If you were destroyed, will the entire human civilization end”?
NATURE: If you keep cutting trees, you will lose oxygen rapidly. What happened to you in two minutes could happen to all of you.

Then Nature disappeared and Joy went back to his village with a new purpose – he was going to tell everyone what he learnt.

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