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The secret map in my garden | Story by 10 year old Aashritha from Bangalore

Ready for some adventure? 10 year old Aashritha from Bangalore has just the right fantasy for us.

Read with Sara treasure map story for kids Bookosmia

One day I was digging a flower bed so that I could plant some rose plants. Suddenly my spade struck something hard in the ground. I decided to gently remove the mud and see what it was. It was a glass bottle.


I opened the bottle with some difficulty and found a piece of paper. It looked like some sort of a map. It was torn on one side. I took a closer look at it and found there were no landmarks on it. It was just a paper with light dotted lines.


It was very hot outside and sweat was already forming on my forehead. A drop of sweat dripped onto the map. On the spot where it fell, I saw something  appear. I felt very excited and decided to drip some water slowly on the map  using a dropper. It widened and it was as large as my lawn! I stepped inside and walked around its lines till I reached the ‘X’ spot, the destination.


As soon as I stepped on it, I found myself in Madagascar, on the east coast of Africa. The map had a picture of an arrow carved on a coconut tree and a spade underneath. I walked a lot before I found a tree that looked exactly like the picture. I took the spade and began digging till I found a stairway filled with sand. It was just like the flight of stairs they found leading to King Tutankhamun’s Mummy in Egypt. But instead of a Mummy I found an ancient Library.


I walked inside hurriedly and in my rush failed to read a sign that had specific instructions on how to enter.

I regained consciousness abruptly and found myself in my garden once again with my rose plants. Was that all my imagination? I decided to actually plant some rose plants instead of dreaming of doing it. I took my spade and started digging the flower bed, when I found the same glass bottle I thought I had seen earlier.

Was all I had seen for real? Only one way to find out. I opened the bottle
and began to drip water on the paper to make the map appear. This time, I
decided to be more mindful and read the instructions when I got there.

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