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#SaraReads: Story- Lali’s Jungle Safari

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Lali was a little girl studying in grade 3 in Delhi. Delhi gets extremely hot  in summers. After the summer break, Lali’s school resumed. Her class  teacher organised a jungle safari for the class. Lali was excited to hear this and she was very eager to go.


When they reached the jungle, they sat in three jeeps and the safari started.  Lali was surprised to see the jungle. The number of trees were less than what she had seen in books. Suddenly she spotted a beautiful peacock with a long  neck and beautiful feathers. She noticed the peacock was sad. The peacock looked at Lali and Lali looked at the peacock.


Lali asked, “Why are you sad my dear peacock?”


The peacock said,” I want to dance. Its so hot and now the monsoon season  has arrived but there are no rains and I don’t feel good. And what is worse is that visitors keep coming for jungle safari and they throw garbage here and there. See look around you, plastic cups, cans, chips, wrappers, diapers all  around us and the air smells so bad. I am beginning to find it difficult to even breathe”. 


“Oh!” said Lali, then an idea came to her mind. How about we all, friends, teachers and I clear the trash. Then make a sign board which will say,” Don’t throw trash.” Everyone loved her idea and they immediately got to work. Finally,  they placed a dustbin and wrote on it, “Throw the garbage in the dustbin.”

Through all this, the teacher made a video of Lali and her friends saying,” Don’t throw the garbage in the jungle.” She posted it on the internet so that  everyone learns from kids and know better than to throw garbage. 

Maybe Lali and her friends did not see many animals in their jungle safari, but they certainly made the jungle a little better for those unseen animals.

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