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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Waiting for a spell

#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid young author Saurish

Hi friends… I am your story pal, Saurish Chawla and I have been to lot of places for my vacations. But why can’t I go now ? Because there is a new virus that has launched itself – CORONA VIRUS.


This is a very severe virus. It gives you just 15 days to cure yourself. It is spreading around the globe and everyone is so scared of it and that’s why the police and Prime Minister of every country have put a lockdown.


No one is coming out of their homes. I am not able to go downstairs to play and cycle with my friends. So many of my friends celebrated their birthday without me and we didn’t cut the cake together. Who knows what will happen next? Will I be able to bring my friends home for my birthday in November?


I want to make a wish to Santa that he brings the end of Corona virus
before my birthday and then everything will go back to normal….just the way it was before. I want everyone to be safe and not die. I want corona to die. But how  can Santa give me a Christmas present before December?


I think I can do some magic. Have you heard of Harry Potter? So I will make a Harry Potter wand and will create a protection spell for the world. The spell will be ‘Proteego Maxima’. It is a defensive spell. I will mix the wands of my 3 best friends and it will be the largest wand ever made and then the last step say ’Proteego Maxima’ loudly. It will make the largest protection spell for the world.


And then there will be no sign of corona. I will call it “THE VIRUS WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED’. I will then travel the whole world in my vacations and celebrate my birthday in November with all my friends. My cricket coach will  also be happy. I will go back for my cricket coaching. We all will be so excited when everything will be normal.


So stay safe, don’t be sad. Wait to make your biggest spell and let the virus die.

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