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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Poem-Healing Nature

Read with Sara poem on Nature for kids by kids Ishaan Poddar Kolkata Bookosmia

When I look at the streets,
It seems so clear.
There is no one under the heat,
And I am without fear.


The street dogs of the city,
Are sadly roaming around.
I look at them with pity,
And go and feed the hound.


The ozone layer is healing,
As we are resting at home.
Nature has stopped reeling,
And Earth is full of loam.


Excessive pollution has stopped,
And our Earth is cooling.
Sadly, the population has dropped,
But we are happily home schooling.


Thank you so much God,
For healing Mother Nature.
And even though the situation is odd,
You’re allowing me to live with pleasure.

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