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Poem- Nature having a break #SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid:

Nature with Sara Poem by kids dandelions by Bookosmia

Dandelion seeds in the air

Fear is almost everywhere

Some stuck in there home, crying

While some staring out in the window, sighing


“Gosh isn’t nature amazing!

With many exotic birds flying, “

Some of which you thought had died,

Some more chirping all day and night.


With the sky, air, water

So pure and clear

Blooming flowers of white, yellow and carmine

Some bloom out like a piece of heaven,


Amazing and tiny

While some wonderful and big- from two centimetre  to three

And much more greenery.


With less of a chaos and clear view of every tree

The sky is so much clear,

I can even see God up there.


The earth day was celebrated at it’s best

Indeed,  nature is having a good  rest


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