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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay-Value things we have taken for granted

#Sarareads #GratitudeDuringCovid Stories for kids Isha

IN THE TIME OF CORONA: We have learnt to value things which we have taken for granted.

The times are extremely difficult now!

The Corona outbreak affected many lives both health wise and economically.  The source of income of daily wages earners, farmers and small-scale workers are terribly impacted. The news channels are reporting more and more cases, and I wonder how little we knew about this almost unknown virus. Now almost every day we are getting new information on this pandemic. Everyone is panic stricken and so am I.



The other extreme also concerns me. Not enough knowledge and fake news are extremely dangerous and can harm us. Yet amid all these I see a ray of  hope. I see people are aware, conscious, and taking the required precautions.  I  am sure the disease will disappear one day, and we shall be able to get back to our normal life soon. 


Like all difficult situations, corona days also have their own challenges.  As our domestic helps are not allowed, we need to pitch-in in the household chores.  Now, I am doing the dishes, washing the clothes, folding the unfolded clothes. These are very daunting at times. 


However, there is also a sense of achievement too amid this sadness.  I  learnt to make cakes and cupcakes (chocolate and vanilla flavored). I also learnt painting from my mom. The other day, she appreciated my knack for keeping my room clean and organized and cheered me by saying it reflects my  personality.


At times I feel as if I am tied to a chain and I am not able to go out of my home. I miss my friends, my school, my playtime with them. I was particularly sad as I could not have my birthday party. My parents had arranged a big bash for me  which had to be cancelled. Nevertheless, I am also finding those moments of joy in this quarantined time as I create a new painting, swirl in the rhythm of beats and do my stretches on the yoga mat.


However, despite all these I have felt this phase taught us to value things  which we have taken for granted. I feel difficult times do not always destroy us it makes us more mindful and stronger.

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