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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: When the vicious virus stealthily sneaked in

Sara reads Gratitude during Covid stories from children Arnav Goyal

IN THE TIME OF CORONA: When the vicious virus stealthily sneaked in

While my exams were going on, we  had already made plans for afamily vacation to Lohagarh Farms.  We were looking forward to a colourful spring amid nature. I was eagerly  awaiting  an uninhibited playtime. An unbridled time where there will be no studies or homework and the weather at it’s best. 

However, after my third exam got over, my classmates told me that a new virus named Corona Virus has affected China and it is killing people. Corona Virus is communicable, therefore, it can spread from an affected person to a healthy person. Initially China was the epicenter of the disease, but soon it spread like flowing water to other countries, making it a pandemic. 

As the days went by, I got to know something scary! Corona has also entered India. In my wildest dreams I had never thought that Corona from China can affect us as well. At first, everyone around, including myself thought that Corona Virus cannot affect us, but the number of Corona positive patients in India kept on increasing. Soon it became the talk of the town.


“There is no treatment and no vaccination”. This sentence scares me to death! What happens if any of my loved ones get infected. A new term called “social distancing” has become a buzz word now. I too feel that is the only way out from this dreadful situation. The lock down which has started from 24th of March instilled a  great hope in all of us. I am hoping post this prolonged lockdown the deadly virus will vanish! 


On the other hand, I was getting bored and didn’t know what to do in these locked up days. I could not go out to parks or invite friends to my house.  Also, my school was closed, so I had no work to do at home. For some of my friends online classes had started, I was expecting mine to start soon. But there was no update. I tried keeping myself engaged by playing board games like carom with my grandpa, but still it’s not as much fun as playing with my friends in school or in the park. 


Also, in all these days I have realized that nature has its own way of taking revenge. For  all the  damage we have caused her, nature is taking its revenge by locking us inside our homes. I also realized the importance of home and family.


Nonetheless,I am happy because my mother is at home. Earlier, most of the time she used to be away for her work. Life is so much happier with everyone around at home.

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