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Hygiene is the most powerful weapon now | Blog by Samaira, 10, Gurgaon

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In the time of Corona: Hygiene is the most powerful weapon now.

Everybody knows that COVID-19 can kill us or harm us. And it is killing thousands of people every week! I pray for all people affected by corona virus. USA and Europe are reeling under the effect of this deadly virus. I really wish this deadly virus disappears soon from the face of our Earth.

However, I have hope that we can kill the corona virus by taking some precautions,  like washing our hands every hour, wearing a mask when we step out of our doors and maintaining 6 feet distance from everybody. 

Staying within the house is one terrible frustration, but it’s even more horrible to hear only news and incidents about this virus. It feels like there is nothing else to talk about. I get bored all the time and I don’t know what to do these days. I can’t play downstairs in the field. I can’t even walk downstairs. My parents tell me to read a book or study, but it is even more boring than watching TV. Nonetheless, in this massive boredom, there is some freedom also. I can watch TV at a stretch for three hours or play video games in between the classes. 

But have you ever thought how long we will go on like this? I know we have to continue until the Corona virus gets over. So, we need to stop it and to stop it we need to take all the precautions, be alert and most importantly be hygienic. 

Hygiene is one of the most powerful weapons against this wicked virus!

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