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#SaraReads: Essay-A dream holiday at the beach

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One of the most beautiful and pristine beaches that I’ve ever been to is the  Patong beach in Phuket,Thailand. The pure white sand, turquoise blue waters and craggy peaks rising from amidst the ocean and meeting the horizon is a sight one can’t forget.


The beach was right across our hotel and we went there in the morning, noon and evening. There were beach chairs and umbrellas you could rent on an  hourly basis. We spent our time lazing around on the beach taking in the sun and the view of the peaceful ocean. The water shimmered in the bright light of the sun. I used to make sand castles and play in the sand for hours.


My father would take me for a dip in the ocean. The calm waters were very  inviting and we would spend a lot of time playing in the water. After the tiring water activity, cool drinks and Nutella pancakes were a treat I enjoyed. Mornings were breezy and pleasant, the noon was hot and the evenings were  balmy, adding to the enjoyment of the day.


We gazed at the people strolling around or engaging in some water sports. We also tried some. It was new and exciting. I was too young to be allowed any  water sports but my dad tried the jet ski and banana boat. My mother very  reluctantly tried parasailing because she is not a water lover. But she came  back with a good experience. Very often,we would stay back till the sunset and see the water turning red, orange and yellow tinted by the colours of the sun set.


Our stay came to an end a few days later but we returned home with lots of  memories and a wish to go back again. The one thing I will always remember are the white sand and the sand castles I made.

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