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Santa’s Toy Factory : Party disaster| Story by Pratichi,13, Bhubaneswar

Do you also have a penchant for Christmas stories? 13 year-old Pratichi from Bhubaneswar writes a Christmas spin-off story about what happens when things get rowdy in Santa’s toy factory. Curl up in a blanket and read on to find out how Santa and the elves manage to save Christmas!

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​Hi! I am Mini the Mouse, and today, I will tell you what happened behind the scenes at Santa’s factory this Christmas.

It was a mess. Wherever you looked, you could see pieces of broken toys, the pages of books ripped to shreds and clothes reduced to rags. No, this wasn’t a dumping yard. It was Santa Claus’ toy factory. How did this happen? Let’s rewind to last night.

​The elves were drained out after another long day of working with wood and plastic, stitching and wrapping gifts. Santa Claus was impressed with them and told them, “Good job everyone! I am proud of all the effort you have put in. But I must warn you not to celebrate today. Day after tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and all these gifts took us a month to make. Please be careful and save your energy. Hold your horses until Christmas and we will have a blast. Well, good night! Ho ho ho!”

       Just when Santa left, one of the young elves cried out, “Party time!” Elves being elves, they didn’t heed Santa’s warning.They brought food and drinks and made merry, making a big mess all around.  They started to do foolish things they would never have done otherwise.

The elves began playing with the toys, reading the books and wearing the clothes. I may have helped them by chewing up the clothes; you can’t blame me! A girl has to eat, doesn’t she?The next morning, when Santa Claus came downstairs, he was devastated. He knew exactly what had happened.

     “Elves! You have been irresponsible. I warned you not to party. Now look at this mess you have made! How will I deliver these gifts? Will Christmas be cancelled this year?” thundered Santa. The elves were terrified. Then, one of the elves named Elsie, who had not participated in the party had a bright idea. “Sir, I think I know what to do. Mr Wonka, your friend who runs the chocolate factory, may be able to save us from this misfortune,” she said.

       Honestly, I was impressed that that she could come up with this. Santa smiled, “That’s my girl! I’ll call him up now and speak to him.” After a while, Santa came out grinning from ear to ear. “Mr Wonka has told me that he and his Oompa Loompas will be able to make chocolate equivalents for whatever the children wanted. I have emailed him the lists. The only problem is the clothes.” “Did I hear clothes? I can help you,” said Mrs. Claus. She pulled out a wand from under her cloak and waved it in thin air. Twenty sewing machines and pairs of needles set to work and started working on the clothes.

​Later that night, Mr Wonka delivered all the chocolates and Mrs. Claus was done with the sewing and knitting in the factory. Santa Claus set out on his sleigh to deliver the gifts. This was how Mrs. Claus and Mr. Wonka saved Christmas. Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas everyone!

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