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‘Santa’s nephew, to the rescue!’ An imaginative story by 9 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!
Christmas is almost here and I love the festivities and cheer in the air. But every now and then we also need our imagination to take off, right?
Here is 9 year old Vivaan Sanghvi from Kolkata taking us on a creative spin with Santa!
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Vivaan Sanghvi is a dreamer, creator and explorer. He loves to read, write and build creative things from Lego. He has an in-depth knowledge about vintage cars. Vivaan goes to The Heritage School, Kolkata and is a student of Word Munchers.

It would have been a calm Christmas Eve, had it not been for the trolls, who had invaded Santa’s toy factory, destroying the toy making machine.


I am Ivan, half human and half fairy. My fairy mother is Santa’s sister and when I am not in school, I help Santa in his factory. I do all jobs: bathe the reindeers,  give Santa milk and cookies and keep an eye on the elves so that they don’t get naughty.


That day was devastating. We were just putting the metal to make last 100  toys in the machine when the roof collapsed and a bunch of Trolls jumped in, breaking the machine while landing.

“Hurray! We have destroyed the machine! Now, no more Christmas and no more happiness,” said the Trolls and fled away.


On seeing this, Santa broke down. “Oh no! The last batches of toys were for the poor children! It is the most important part of Christmas for me! Now what will I do? I cannot break the hearts of those innocent kids!” Santa sobbed.


I felt bad on seeing Santa cry, for he was a very jolly man. I stepped up and  offered a solution.

“Santa, I can get all my toys from home and you can give those to the poor children. I am sure they would like them.”


On hearing this Santa was very happy and hugged me tightly and said, “What would I have done without you? You have lifted a burden from my heart!”


In the end, everything was right and Christmas was saved.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!”


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