Ishaan Sheth

9 Years

53 Years

Singapore American School


Run for a cause- Poem

Read with Sara marathon run Bookosmia

3….2….1……The bullet went up rocketing in the sky,
The run began…..
The thought about how big a difference
I would make today, made my whole body turbo charged
With that i sprinted forward with energy.


My legs constantly quicken,
As the distance ahead closens,
1 lap

As seconds turn into minutes
Minutes turn into ticking time.
My legs are not changing pace.

The number of laps increases, so does my spirit,
It is not a race,
Not one for winning a gold medal,
Instead for winning hearts.

For each lap money donated,
For each lap stomachs fed
For each lap claps earned,
For each lap sweat dripped,
And work paid off.

24 laps finished.

Out of breath
Full of sweat
But it was worth it
Crossing the finish line
Full of joy and people applauding.


A feeling of self -satisfaction,
Over the $300 donated
Over the many stomachs fed,
A mission accomplished!



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