Saatvika Agarwal

7 Years


Rhyming Poems- Of Clowns, Fairies and Ice Creams| By Saatvika, 7, Kolkata

Let’s write poetry! 7-year-old Saatvika from Kolkata tries writing poetry where the first two lines rhyme with each other while the third and fourth line rhyme with each other. 

Funny story - The absentminded clown

 The funny clown

The funny clown,

Lives in the town,

He buys many balls,

From all the different malls.


The pink ice-cream

pink ice cream poem kids Bookosmia

The ice-cream is very chilling,

With beautiful pink filing,

I love adding a cherry on top,

And I hope this feeling doesn’t stop.

 The beautiful fairy

fairy poem kids

The fairy is flying in the sky,

She is eating a pink pie,

She has beautiful silky wings,

And she is jumping in the rings. 

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