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6 strangest ice cream flavours| Blog by Aarav, Kolkata

What’s the strangest icecream flavour you have ever tasted? 11 year old Aarav from Kolkata writes about the strangest icecream flavours of the world. Which one was your favourite?

Ice cream flavours kids

Ice creams are one of the most common desserts and a favourite of all. We all love eating different flavours of ice creams like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and mango. But what if one day, you heard about pizza ice cream or tiger tail ice cream? Here are six of the strangest ice cream flavours you’ve ever had.

     One of the strangest ice cream flavours is cereal milk ice cream. If somebody asks you for cereal milk for breakfast, you wouldn’t be so shocked but imagine someone asking you for some cereal milk ice cream for dessert! It sounds like breakfast turned into ice cream and served for dessert. It tastes milky and is sprinkled with cornflakes.

What if somebody offers you pizza, you would happily accept it, and if it is with extra cheese, you would never reject the offer. But if the pizza turns into an ice cream? Don’t be shocked because you’ll find one of your favourite foods, pizza in an icecream shop in Philadelphia. It feels disgusting eating a salty ice cream with garlic and oregano in it!

Have you ever heard of cold sweat ice cream ? You might think that it must be like a normal ice cream until you know the ingredients used in it. It is made of three kinds of peppers and two kinds of hot sauce, and is super spicy.

Do you eat insects, of course not, and if you don’t, you will feel disgusted about the next ice cream I’m going to tell you. This flavour called CICADA is no longer available (you can imagine how bad it was), was made by boiling cicadas, a type of insects, covering them with milk chocolates and dipping them in brown sugar.They were then mixed into a brown – sugar – and – butter – flavoured ice cream.

What do you usually have for snacks – chips or cheetos? Almost everyone knows what cheetos are and love it as a snack. But what if I told you that your favourite snack is also available in ice cream form, you wouldn’t believe your ears! Yes, Big Gay Ice Cream became one of the most famous ice cream shops of New York City after it invented the Cheetos ice cream, where vanilla and cheese ice cream is dipped in Cheetos dust.

Hold your chairs, because you’re going to read about one of the world’s strangest ice creams, the lobster ice cream, a butter ice cream-

based treat with fresh lobster folded into each bite. Imagine eating a lobster as an ice cream, eww !

     I would prefer simple ice creams instead of these strange fancy ice creams. I would either eat a pizza or an ice cream but I would hate eating a pizza ice cream!

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