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Remembering The Fun Moments At Holi | Blog by Krishiv,8, Kolkata

8-year-old Krishiv from Kolkata recalls his memorable moments of the festival from previous years in this warm blog. What fun!
Remembering the fun moments at Holi
Holi is the festival of colours. People celebrate Holi to welcome the beginning of spring. It is one of the most popular Hindu festivals in India. Usually, we wear white clothes on Holi so that when we play with colours, it can look very beautiful.


On the previous day, a huge fire is lit and we worship the fire. Holi signifies the victory of good over evil.


Last year, I celebrated Holi with my full family and friends. My mother got a white Holi t-shirt made for me with my name printed on it.


In the morning, I filled a tub with water and mixed colours in it. My brother and I filled hundreds of balloons with water.

Remembering the fun moments at Holi



I brought big water guns and herbal colours. I threw water balloons on my sisters. I shot water guns at my friends and completely coloured their face in a way that we could not recognise each other.


Then we all had delicious snacks and Thandai after colouring each other.


I also had my favourite ice golas of different colours. I started feeling cold as we played with water practically the whole day till the evening.

Remembering the fun moments at Holi


Then my brother and I scrubbed and had a long bath session to remove all the colours. Thereafter, I got tired and slept off for the next day.

The best thing about Holi is that it is full of fun and happiness. It unites everyone.

Remembering the fun moments at Holi


We should play Holi with only herbal colours as other colours in the market have lots of chemicals which is bad for our skin. This is one of the most memorable festivals for me as I really enjoy playing Holi a lot.

I keep waiting throughout the year for this festival to come fast.

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