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‘Music stays with us everywhere’ Essay by 13 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

Life is Music Read with Sara essay Bookosmia

Music stays with us everywhere.

No one in this world would hate music. We grow up to the sound of our mothers singing lullabies, so that we’d go to sleep. Also we wake up hearing to the musical sound of birds chirping. The rustling of trees and plants, the whistling of wind, the most melodious alarm which we set to wake up in the  morning that makes us active for the whole day.


Music is a routine in my day-to-day life and obviously it is one that gives me relief too. Sometimes music will be the best medicine for our mind, almost like a painkiller. I love to listen to and sing lots and lots of songs.


Music softens the pain, increases the joy and opens the heart . My affectionate towards music never ends.


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