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‘Jasmine and the magical bug on a cruise’ An imaginative story by 12 year old Bookosmian from Manama, Bahrain

Read with Sara story for kids by kids Bookosmia

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful girl named Jasmine.


She was going on a luxury ship to celebrate her baby brother’s first birthday. Jasmine and her family packed bags and headed towards the dock in their car.  Jasmine felt suspicious as her brother’s bag was moving all the time. In no time they were boarding the ship.

Jasmine was very sleepy so she went to her room and slept. Suddenly something climbed on her, she woke up and saw a very big bug on her, she  screamed but no one heard, except her brother. To her surprise the bug  started speaking. The bug told Jasmine how he reached their attic and how her brother agreed to help him get to Australia.


After hearing the story jasmine also wanted to help the bug reach Australia.  She took good care of the bug until Australia came. After few days they  reached Australia. Jasmine went and placed the bug on the dry lands of  Australia. Suddenly, the bug transformed into a fairy. Jasmine was very  surprised.


The fairy said, “I was travelling everywhere to find a caring person. I took the  form of bug, fish, animal, insect, etc. But no one cared me. Then I found you. You cared for me so much. Take this chain, it will help you in future.” She gave  the chain and disappeared. Jasmine felt very happy and took good care of  animals from that day hoping to see the fairy again.

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