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Shivpriya Bhargava

8 Years

53 Years

Amity International school


Autobiography of a Swimming Pool| By 8 yo from Gurgaon

Ever wondered what life as a swimming pool would be.

8 year old Shivpriya Bhargava from Gurgaon did and penned down this very creative piece for us to read. After reading it I wonder, what would the swimming pool be thinking now that no one can get in it.

Best pool - The autobiography of a swimming pool

People have fun and swim in me!

Can you guess who I am? Yes, I am a swimming pool!

People come and plunge into me. Everyone is thrilled to bits when they see  me. I am 10 feet wide, 20 feet long and 5 feet deep. Everyone, especially kids, enjoys me. Many people walk beside me, around the lane, watching their kids swimming.

In summers, everyone loves to come inside me to swim and have fun but in
winters no one bothers to come inside me making me feel sad and lonely.

Some people play with ball with my water and I feel so l lucky that I can give pleasure to everyone! Sometimes I notice that people sit on lounge chairs,  placed around me.


There is chlorine in my water which can be harmful to skin and eyes if proper protection is not taken.Chlorine cleans my water and prevents infection in whosoever comes inside me.

Once there was a pool-pizza party here and everyone had great fun. There was loud music playing near me with many Bollywood songs to the tune of which  everyone danced to the hilt. Many of them swam and danced inside me as my  water also created waves in sync with the tone of the music being played.

The kids learn to swim inside me using the board and floating ring around  them while having fun. I notice at times that some kids spit into me, that  makes me angry and sad. Some kids also drink my water, that can be  sometimes harmful. I also notice that many coaches also come here to teach  the kids. They often give chocolates as prize to the kids who win the swimming competition. But they do not give anything to me!

Sometimes kids are about to drown in me, but the coaches and lifeguards take all the effort to save them. Some naughty kids also push the other kids,  toppling them. I feel sad to see this and want to teach those kids a nice lesson.

I feel happy to see the small kids learning to swim but I hate it when someone  brings pet inside me. I am respected by everyone as I am regularly cleaned by  my owner every week. I love being a pool!


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