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Best pool - The autobiography of a swimming pool
Hello everybody!  I’m a swimming pool! You might remember me during summers.
I forgot to tell you my name. I am Mhow Naka swimming pool in Indore from Madhya Pradesh. Some of you know me and some not that well, and that is okay.
Best pool - The autobiography of a swimming pool
So, let me tell you about myself as it is very important for you to know that how this relaxing and chilling swimming pool, that is me, was made.
Well where I am now earlier, it was a simple ground which was dug and excavated by heavy machines. Then I was plumed with pipes After a lot of extra efforts I was decorated by beautiful tiles.
I took 50 to 60 days to be fully completed and then I was filled with salty cool water. I’m shallow and nearly blue with a beautiful shine as I’m very clean. Most people love me a lot because of the cleanliness.
Best pool - The autobiography of a swimming pool
I really love seeing the happy faces of those who come to swim. People of different ages swim in me. Some are cute children, teens, even seniors! Some are professional swimmers and some are beginners with cute little floating tubes.
Best pool - The autobiography of a swimming pool
I remember a very interesting incident which happened past few months ago so let me tell you about that.
One man came to my swimming pool centre and decided to swim in me for 24 hours. Sounds weird, right? But this is what he decided to do. He was doing this to post in social media. He even got an oxygen tank installed to breathe underwater. In between, his friends kept coming to check on him and to give him something to eat but they were throwing all the waste in the swimming pool without caring about me.
Best pool - The autobiography of a swimming pool
Well, the next day they had to pay for the damage and that was incredibly horrible.
Oh! It’s night. I want to relax now. Bye everyone!

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