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Magic Tricks – The Key To A Magical World | Bookosmia

Magic tricks - The key to a magical world

Clash, clang, cling, I was sweeping the basement, there were all types of scrap in there like bits of metal, plastic boxes and coils. These items were mostly my father’s, but I found something strange hanging from the wall, so I brought a ladder and took the thing out. The thing was a key!

Magic tricks - The key to a magical world


The key was the shape of a skull. The skull looked horrific, it shined in the light. It was golden in colour with a slick black polish. The skull had a rose on its forehead.
I took the key to my father, he examined it and said ”There is a dark legend about a key to the magic world. This could be that.”
The legend was that the great magician Sino had created it. He had said that the one who finds the key will get a trip to the magic world.
Magic tricks - The key to a magical world
That sounded exciting! My father reminded me that this would only work when I found the door that opened to this key.
I searched for a clue on the key and found one. The clue was translated into English but I could not understand the words. It was written “EHT ROOD SI NI A LETOH DELLAC AGIPOOR HTAB MOOR, EHT HTAB MOOR SAH A TERCES MOOR HCIHW NAC EB DENEPO YB EHT YEK. EHT KCOL SI NI LLATS REBMUN 3 DNIHEB EHT HTLAEH TECUAF.”
I cracked it! The words were written in reverse! I headed to the place where the door was and I came into the magic world. But, the door closed behind me and the key vanished!
I was in a pickle. The magic world was so scary and I was so new in it. I roamed the streets, then finally I met someone called Morgana, she was a great magician.


Magic tricks - The key to a magical world


She told me that she will take care of me and teach me magic and in return, I will do what she wants. I accepted the offer. The magic land was amazing, dreams came true and drawings turned real. You could take anything put it on your head and think what you wanted it to be, it became that.
She taught me to make a portal, fly, levitate things, and other magic tricks. In return, I did what she told me, they were mostly easy like, cleaning the floor, cooking tea, mostly home chores.
After some years, I became a wizard but I still missed home. I could not go back. One day, a disaster struck as an evil knight tried to destroy the magical land. I tried to stop him, nothing worked. I finally locked him away using all of my power and suddenly I was transported back to the real world.
Magic tricks - The key to a magical world


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