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“Poojo for me is about meeting different people,” by 9 year old Srijon Chakrabarti from UK

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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here. With Durga  Pooja in the air, I am excited to publish one write up by kids on the theme every day.

Today I am sharing the writing of 9 year old Srijon Chakrabarti from UK who has kept his Bengali roots alive. Grateful to the Little Writers Studio, UK for not only sharing the write up in English and Bengali, but also the beautiful Bengali Potochitro art by the talented artist Parul, who lives in Pingla with her family.

Srijon story on Durga Pooja UK festivals with Sara Bookosmia

Srijon is a Year 5 student at St. Mary’s Church of England  Primary School in Birmimgham. He is an ardent follower of cricket and football amongst other sports. His favourite hobbies are music and reading. He enjoys singing in English, Bengali and Hindi languages and reading historical, fiction and fantasy genres of books. He’s also interested in cooking/ baking and gaming.


Poojo for me is loads of fun, good food and offering prayer. So far I have been  to Cambridge and Birmingham Durga Poojo.


I have loads of fun in Poojo as I  get a chance to meet different  people and play with my friends .


But what I love most is the Mutton Curry cooked on Nabami!

srijon write up durga pooja festival UK Bookosmia

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