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Nivaan Haluvaagilu

9 Years

10 Years

Bishop Cotton Boys' School


Pondicherry:  A magical adventure | Travel Blog by Nivaan,9

Holidays are approaching, do you have any travel plans? 9-year-old Nivaan from Bangalore shares about his trip to Pondicherry

pondicherry travel blog nivaan

Pondicherry:  A magical adventure


Hey there, fellow travelers! I just got back from the most amazing trip to Pondicherry, and I can’t wait to share all the fun things I did! It all started with us boarding our  Pondicherry flight which was a small ATR flight with a capacity of 70-80 people. Let’s get started with my wonderful stay at the Promenade Hotel.

We checked into the Promenade Hotel – A dreamy beach stay. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves every morning! It was like a dream come true.

The best part was the Promenade Beach Road, right outside the hotel. We went there in the evening, and it was like a carnival! The entire place came alive. There was music playing, and I even tried my hands on some cool musical instruments like the bamboo xylophone and pan drum. It was thrilling, and I felt like a real musician!

Strolling on the beach and building sandcastles:

The beach was my favorite place in Pondicherry. I spent hours strolling on the soft sand and listening to the waves whispering secrets. I built the most epic sandcastles with my mom and dad. We even added seashells to decorate them, and they looked like tiny sand kingdoms! I felt like a little beach architect, and it was so much fun! Not only this, I also did some crazy wave jumping stunts that were totally fun.

On Day 2, we hired a bike and got all set to explore Auroville.

On the way to Auroville we did offroad driving.  We visited a cashew farm and were greeted by the cashew farmers who treated us with ripe cashew fruit. It was my first experience trying the cashew fruit and it was sour, sweet and chewy. After we bid goodbye to them, we headed to Auroville and on reaching there it was like stepping into a fairytale land. The golden dome called Matrimandir was so shiny and peaceful.

pondicherry travel blog

I felt like I was in a magical forest of tranquility. At Auroville, people from all over the world live together like one big family. I made friends with kids from different countries, and we played games and shared stories. It was a unique experience, and I learned so much about different cultures!

On our ride back, we visited the Manukula Ganapati Temple. Meeting the giant elephant at the entrance and offering him a banana and getting blessed was a highlight. We stepped into  the Manukula Ganapati Temple. Wow, the Ganesh idol was humongous! He had such a friendly face, and I felt like he was giving me a big hug. I offered some flowers and made a wish for all the good things in the world. It was a moment of peace and joy.

Day 3 Sailing at Sunrise – A Thrilling Adventure:

Okay, brace yourselves for this one! We went sailing on a private ship to see the sunrise. It was an early morning adventure, and I was a bit nervous. The sea was rough, and the ship swayed like a playful dolphin. I held on tight and laughed as the waves splashed on my face.

When the sun rose, it was like a big orange balloon floating in the sky. The view was breathtaking, and I felt like I was flying! We enjoyed nice lemonade and banana walnut cake with a beautiful view of the sun rising, totally nostalgic!!

After this we took a stroll in the french colony and we visited Cafe Des Arts.

Now, let’s talk about the best part – food! We went to Cafe Des Arts in the French Colony, and it was like a food wonderland! I tried something called croissants and waffles and they were like fluffy clouds in my mouth. I also had a chocolate milkshake, and believe me, it was out of this world! It was like sipping happiness in a glass!

My trip to Pondicherry was like a magical fairytale with music, sandcastles, yummy treats, and thrilling adventures on the sea. I can’t wait to go back one day and experience all these amazing things again. If you’re planning a trip to Pondicherry, don’t forget to try the croissants and the chocolate milkshake, and go on a sunrise sailing adventure for an unforgettable experience!

Happy travelling, everyone! 

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