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Aishwarya Singh

12 Years

53 Years

Chickar international School


Grandparents are special people | Poem by Aishwarya, 13, Bareilly

Grandparents are special people for so many wonderful ways, says 13-year-old Aishwarya from Bareilly in this poem crafted with love

grandfather poem kids bookosmia
One who loves me unconditionally
Who supports in my every ups and downs
Are none other than my grandparents
Who are so gentle,sweet and kind
Grandparents are special people with so much wisdom and pride
Their blessings are forever
And can make us achieve everything in life.
Love spending time with them
They both are my life
Teach me lessons on hardship and strive
To make me a strong person throughout my life
Always protected me when mom-dad scolded
Secretly giving money so that I can buy my all the things I wanted
To filling my almirah with all the toys they could find in the market.
Whenever I am in need
You are quick to lend a hand
No matter the situation
I know you will always protect
No words can describe what you mean to me
Love you both from the bottom of my heart
Thank you for making my childhood a perfect phase to be

5 Responses

  1. Very beautiful expressed.
    The love between grandparents and grandchildren is a different feeling.
    Loved the poem

  2. What a wonderful poem
    Reading it reminds me of my grandparents ..
    Grandparents love is always above all ..
    Very very well written.👏

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