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Kushagra Dwivedy

12 Years

53 Years

Don Bosco School


Read with Sara: Poem- The Magic of Science

Read with Sara stories for kids by young writer Kushagra Kolkata Bookosmia

Physics, chemistry, lab precaution
Big bang theory and string relation,
Day old trips to space station
Darwin’s theory of evolution.


Boyle’s study on observation
Wrights’ research on aviation,
Newton uncle’s laws of motion
Creepy laws of Euclid’s reflection.


Torricelli’s rate of suction
Quantum physics and its discussion,
Energy,matter and their conservation
Nameless madness of Higgs Boson.


Relativity and its utter confusion
And in case your mind still burns with insulation,
Well how about the mass of inflation
And the undesirable laws of combustion?


Stretching string causes tension
Varying colors of crazy friction,
Maddening ways of deducing conclusion
From addition, subtraction and multiplication.


To permutation and combination
Superconductivity and muscle striation,
The list goes on and beyond the power of communication
So now if you are really reaching saturation,


Go ahead and help those who really need the ration
Forward young man, stand for your nation
Go, yes you, help stop corruption
Work for yours and your country’s education


Now is the time so don’t forward any question
For there are others who can take care of this lively creation.
Life is short,my friend, fill it with celebration
For one day you will see, man rise to elevation.

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