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Picnic at Hogwarts|Harry Potter Fan Fiction By Inika,10, Bangalore

Love Harry Potter? 11-year-old Potterhead, Inika from Bangalore, imagines seeing a mountain troll in the night while on a Hogwarts picnic! 

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Picnic at Hogwarts

Once, when we students went on a trip to Hogwarts, I came upon a mountain troll in the night.

I had my wand tip lit, and the troll,  seeing the light, followed me. I ran as fast as I could, because I was  super scared. I screamed loudly, hoping someone would hear me, but I was too far away from our campsite.

I made my way around  the trees, and suddenly, I saw our tent. I ran inside thankfully and woke up Professor McGonagall. She told us to stay in while she drove away the troll. What an awesome teacher she is! I slept the rest of the night in peace.

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