Kavya Mandhana

8 Years


Good Samaritan:Doing the right thing| Blog by Kavya,8,Surat

What does a good samaritan look like? 8 year old Kavya Mandhana from Surat pens a lovely story of taking the right decisions.
good samaritan blog by kids bookosmia

One day, I woke up and got ready for school. I waved goodbye to my mom with a broad smile on my face.

On my way to school, I saw a bag lying on the road, and no one was around it. Without touching the bag, I took a peep inside and saw lots of money in it. I started thinking about what I should do? Finally, I took my own decision.
I went to the police station that was in the next street and told about the bag to a police officer. I explained to him everything in detail. To my surprise, the police offer smiled and said, “We had kept this bag as bait for catching a thief, but you showed your honesty, and came to tell us about it. I am pleased and very proud of you.”
 I thanked him and went back home. I told everything to my mom. She was very amused and proud of me as well. She gave me a tight hug. I was glad to have done the right thing.

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