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‘Percy Jackson and the lightning thief’ Book Review by 12 year old Meher Gandhi from Vadodara

Book Reviews by kids with Sara Percy Jackson and the lightening thief Rick Riordian Bookosmia

Book Reviews with Sara for kids, by kids Bookosmia

Hi there book lovers, your friend Sara here! If a book is written for kids, shouldnt we ask the kids to tell us how they liked it? That is exactly what we do in this wonderful section –  ‘book reviews for young readers, by young readers’! Thanks for pouring in all your wonderful entries.

Today’s book review is by 12 year old Meher Gandhi from Vadodara on one of the books in the popular Percy Jackson series.

Book Reviews with Sara activities for kids, by kids Percy Jackson Meher Gandhi Vadodara Bookosmia

Meher is an avid reader who also loves to play keyboard and likes to swim and dance. Meher goes to Navrachana International School Vadodara.

She is a student of Young Orators.




Book Reviews by kids with Sara Percy Jackson and the lightening thief Rick Riordian Bookosmia

Book  – Percy Jackson and The lightning thief

Author- Rick Riordan

For a girl like me who is very picky and unsure of many things in life, I was very sure about one thing after glancing at the cover page of this book-I instantly decided that I wanted to read it.

The book  with its catchy book cover caste a spell on me and I was compelled to read the book.


So, Percy the protagonist is a normal boy next door doing all the usual  activities until he discovers, he is the son of the Greek Sea God, Poseidon. He is accused of stealing Zeus’s master lightning bolt.

This 16 year old kid, unaware of his identity was going to school and suffering  from dyslexia. Percy’s mother Sally, wanted him to go to a secret place called  Camp Half Blood, since he was a demigod and his life was in danger. How his  life changes after this unexpected consequences and how he deals with it, is  the crux of the story.

Percy goes on a thrilling quest and during his journey he encounters many  challenges, meets ample number of monsters and other characters. To know  how he finished his task is an absolute delight to any fiction lover.


The book is very well paced and full of surprise elements. I loved the author’s  description style throughout the story. It is embedded with every possible  minute detail about characters and surroundings which makes you visualize the scene clearly. The book actually takes you to the world of Gods and Monsters.


The enriching vocabulary is another big plus of the book. The author has the  ability to mesmerize and engage the readers so well that it simply captivates  you and it becomes very hard to put the book down.


Young readers between the ages 12-14 will find it fascinating and will surely enjoy delving deep into a different world. It is a must read for fiction lovers – not to be missed!

I would give 5 out of 5 points* to this book for its well-crafted plot, spectacular  imagination and detailed description. This enchanting book makes us believe  the most unbelievable things, through its brilliant narration.

This book compels you to yearn to read the next part – Sea of Monsters.

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


16 Responses

  1. Wonderful and very much to the point. Compelling me to read on and on. Very interesting and specially coming from such a young person. Eye catching and suspense building. Keep it up Meher. Expecting more in future.

  2. Well described review of this fascinating book, Meher . Looking forward to more reviews on Percy as you go along reading the series!!

  3. Great Review Meher ! I m really proud of you. I really liked the review and will surely read the series. Thanks ♥️

  4. Fantastic
    Keep it up.
    You made it sound so interesting that I would like to read this book and many more. Fab again.

  5. Meher congrats. U r always excellent. U have sense of humor knowledge n art of presentation. God is with u n will always bless u.

  6. Wonderful Meher. It gives feeling like reading review of an experienced professional author. Well done and keep it up.

  7. Absolutely fantastic review Meyer.
    It gives me immense pleasure to say that you are such a genius at this age. The review was as if an expert professional is commenting on a book.
    Keep it up and God bless you .

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