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Nightmares: Read poem with Sara

Read with Sara stories for kids by kids Vihaan Bookosmia

I studied too much, now I feel sleepy
I ran towards the bed, my pillow was there.
Tomorrow I want to get up and take bath
With my blue pail and feel relaxed.

Oh! It’s too cozy and relaxing.
When it rang twelve o’clock,
I started dreaming a lot and
Horrified thoughts came in my dreams.

Like a nightmare which scares me a lot.
I got up and prayed to God to not scare me
I didn’t do anything wrong.

But next morning when I woke up
My friends scared me as it was Halloween.
I didn’t want to scare anybody else
I thought scaring someone is a useless activity.

I prefer enjoying the holiday at home
Watching a comedy movie which is priceless.
It’s so good to enjoy the happy moments,
Nightmares will not come to me if I think positive.


Tomorrow I will wish for everyone’s happiness,
I will sleep without any worry of nightmares.
But my sub conscious mind is always awake
“Hey brain, please stop thinking worse, worse, worse
Think only positive, positive, positive
Because  life is priceless
To think about trivial things.

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