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Never give up:An Ode to Hope by 9 year old Prathmesh from Kolkata

Start the day with just the right dose of motivation thanks to this beautiful poem of hope by 9 year old Prathmesh from Kolkata.

never give up hope poem bookosmia

Never give up : An  Ode to Hope

The only thing we have after a bad day,

Is some hope for tomorrow

It is the only golden ray,

After a day which was filled with sorrow,


Each person all the time has some of it,

No matter what we have lost,

May it be present in loads or bits,

No matter if you have been cruelly bossed,


There is hope for many things,

It plants a seed of gratitude,

But when hope is lost it stings,

So being hopeful is a necessary attitude,


When we get and give hope to others,

It makes us live like sisters and brothers.

never give up poem bookosmia

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