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Arihaan Sharan

9 Years

53 Years

The Trinity School, Asalpur


Fussy eater,honey bee| Short Story by 10 year old Arihaan from Hoshiarpur

Did you know butterflies can be just as fussy we are in eating? 10 year old Arihaan from Hoshiarpur tells us all about it in this super endearing story!
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Fussy eater honey bee 

It was a beautiful spring morning. Everyone was feeling fresh and happy. But Bee-Bee, a young honey bee seemed to be anxious and exhausted.

“What happened to you my dear? Why don’t you have some breakfast?” Grandpa bee asked Bee- Bee.

“I am looking for my favourite flower and I don’t want to drink nectar from any other flower,” replied Bee-Bee in a sad tone.

“There are so many flowers over here. There are lilies,daffodils, jasmines, tulips, lotuses, marigolds and carnations- which one is your favourite?” Grandpa asked with great curiosity.

“Don’t you think you are forgetting something Grandpa? Can you see the most beautiful flower here?” asked Bee-Bee angrily.

“Oh, now I get it. It’s the red rose you are talking about.Yes dear, now it is difficult to find red roses as very few are left in our garden. But don’t worry you can go to the neighbourhood garden. They have got plenty of red roses,” said Grandpa.

“But why don’t we have them?” asked Bee-Bee.

Grandpa said, “My dear child, humans are taking all the red roses for various purposes like decorations and worshiping, so there are very few red roses left now.”

Bee-Bee sighed and went to search for her favourite red roses in the neighbourhood. Bee-Bee was shocked. She found there were no red roses in the neighborhood garden also. She asked other bees about the roses. They said that the roses were finished. She was very sad and flew away.


After wandering for a few hours, she came across the royal garden. There were thousands of red roses along with other flowers. She was thrilled about finding her favourite red roses. She was about to enter the royal garden when she saw a beautiful princess. Her hair was decorated with red roses. She flew to her head and sat over a rose. No one noticed her. But accidently, the rose with Bee- Bee fell down from where Bee-Bee tried to fly hurriedly. The royal guards saw Bee-Bee and tried to kill her. The princess was really scared.

Bee-Bee quickly flew towards princess and said, ‘‘Don’t kill me I am your friend. I will not sting you.”

The princess said she didn’t believe her.  Bee-Bee explained that her favourite flowers are red roses but there are no red roses left in her garden that is why she came there.

The princess felt pity on her and said, “You can suck the nectar of the red roses of the royal garden.”

Bee-Bee thanked the princess and said, “I wish I could have a garden full of red roses so that all my family members and friends can also suck such sweet and tasty nectar.”

The princess thought for some time and assured Bee-Bee that she will order her guards to grow a big garden of red roses for her.

Bee-Bee was extremely happy on hearing this. She thanked the princess and promised to send her the world’s sweetest and tastiest honey.

Then she flew back happily and informed everyone about the princess’s promise.

Soon, a large garden of roses was grown for and her family and friends. Now Bee-Bee and the other bees happily suck nectar every day.

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