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Nature is blissful- Essay by 13 year old E.APIRA from Chennai

nature for kids by kids with Sara Bookosmia

What is nature?

What do you think about nature?

How nature will be?

My answers to these questions? Speechless!

Think about the music of the birds, the sound of the leaves, the smell of the flower, the tunes of the flowing rivers. It makes my mind feel that I am in Heaven.

The rain, the summer, the spring, and the autumn all are from our Nature god.


We should be thankful to nature for showing and giving us all these heavenly things.


Even the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land where we stand all  are from nature.

Nature is also a medicine for all of the living beings on this earth, the herbs,  shrubs, vegetables, fruits, and many more are the medicines from nature.


They are mentally helpful for us by relieving the stress. If you go to any  mountains or any natural place you can hear nature’s music, you will find your  inner peace and you will not sense your stress anymore. Meditation with nature makes us mentally and physically strong. If you can’t find your peace where you are living, go to villages, lakes, etc. They  will give you peace.


For me, that natural place is my grandma’s house. When we walk up, we can hear the song of the birds, the fresh air. There are not many electrical  appliances like a stove, fan, and TV. Because that is a village. But nowadays all the trees are been cut. The air is polluted because of more industries and  vehicle activities. The land is polluted by throwing plastics and the water is  polluted by throwing plastic waste and oil. This will lead to almost extinction of   nature. Then we will not be able to get fresh air and water. So we should help  nature by planting trees and stop throwing plastics and waste on nature.


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