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My mom | A unique poem by Yashvi,15, Kolkata

Parent love, isn’t it special? 15-year-old Yashvi from Kolkata brings a smile to our face with this humorous and relatable poem about the mother-daughter relationship. 

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My mom


Unsatiating arguments,

Relentless rivalry, 

Sarcastic comebacks, 

Brutal battles,

Unending taunts. 

We’re habituated. 


Hours of lecture, 

List of dos and don’ts, 

Proper mannerisms, 

Reality check.

Apparently, your favourite leisure. 



Ignorant and rude, 

Sometimes intolerable, 

Irresponsible and egoistic, 

Frowning all the time.

That would be me. 

I guess?


But aren’t they common to us, 

Like a daily affair. 

Infact, life will remain off track.

If they were to stop.



A Saturday morning,

Yashvi dozing till 11 AM.

Silent background. 

No one screaming their lungs out.

And saying “WAKEEE UPPPPP!!”

Umm, boring.


Another instance: 

Yashvi on phone,

For 15 HOURS!

No disturbance,

No hindrance.

Ummm boring again.


Last but not the least: 

Yashvi – a couch potato,

Lying all day,

Not doing any household work,

Cupboard – pure garbage,

Life- pure mess,

Room – pure dump yard,

No interference.

Ummm, absolutely boring.


Every relation has ups and downs,

Lows and Highs,

‘I hate you’ and ‘I love you ‘times, 

Crying and laughing instances, 

Being loved and rough moments.

But that’s what makes it strong and forever long.

Agreed, I am a teenager,

Unconscious about various things,


But even after that I rest assured.

Stay unaffected. 

Because I have YOU.


I know dependency is a bad habit,

It’s going to affect me years later.

But as long as I have you,

Be happy with it or not,

I am going to be the same.

Cause every time I fall, I know you will be there. 

Be it here or miles away.

Every time I fail, you will make me retry, 

Be it here or miles away. 

Whenever I feel insecure you will be my security,

Be it here or miles away.


God made you my mother,

Because he very well knew what a brat I am,

He knew I’d need someone in life to confide in 24/7.

So now deal with me. 


Now and forever. 

I might say ‘I hate you’.

But my heart always shouts out,

Overpowers this statement,

Defies my saying,

And says, ‘I love you, I have, will and always, no matter what.’

Cause I don’t know whether all mothers are like this,

But I can vouch for mine.

She truly is the best gift God has given me. 

Now and forever.

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