K R Mithura

11 Years

Delhi Public School South


I am a white, white moon | Poem by Mithura,11,Bangalore

What does the moon mean to you? With Chandrayaan 3 capturing  young, imagination 11-year-old Mithura from Bangalore writes a sweet poem.

white moon poem kids space chandrayaan

I am a white, white moon 


I am a white, white moon,

I am as clear as water,

and as cold as ice,

I conflict the sun,

we both are not in the same size,

but we are still friends.

I am a white, white moon,

When the sun scorches the Earth,

I soothe him and nurse him back,

I was made when a rock demolished to earth,

I provide water to you in summer,

I also move tides on earth,

Whew! It’s hard work, right?


Photo Credits- copyright and royalty free image website Pexels

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