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My Incredible India | Essay

Incredible india bookosmia

India is unique and a very special country.  It has many names like Bharat, Hindustan, Aryavarta.The flag of India is a tri colour flag having saffron showing strength, white meaning peace with Ashok Chakra in middle indicating 24 hours in a day and green colour representing greenery in the country.

India republic day

Firstly,what I like about India is its diverse culture. Every state in India follows its own tradition. People here celebrate their festivals and occasions happily together. Indian weddings are so colourful.They wear vivid costumes enjoying every moment, making it memorable.

Remembering the fun moments at Holi Bookosmia

Secondly, Bharat is a multi language and multi cuisine country. Speaking different languages, Hindustanis share a strong bond of love and care with each other. Here different states have different cuisines like Rajasthan people eat dal batti churma, Punjabis eat chole bhatture, South Indians eat idly and dosa, North Indians eat naan and dal. Taj Mahal,one of the oldest monuments in India is popular because it is a symbol of love.

Chennai - Great food, frolicking waves and fun

Lastly, I admire the fact that India is a country with different landscapes.It has vast deserts of Rajasthan, beautiful beaches of  Goa, green tea plants of Kerela and metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Kolkata.

green mountains bookosmia

I believe India is the most beautiful country in the world and I am proud to be a part of it.

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