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‘My First Visit To The Taj Mahal’ Place review by 8 year old Bookosmian from Gurgaon

Places with Sara by Aisha Mehta from Gurgaon

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Places with Sara by Aisha Mehta from GurgaonThe Taj Festival begins today! It is a 10 day festival celebrating our country’s cultural heritage. To warm us up for the festivities, here’s 8 year old Aisha Mehta from Gurgaon telling us about her trip to the Taj Mahal.
Aisha is a student of Word Munchers and goes to  Shri Ram School Aravali, Gurgaon.

It was very exciting to hear about a sudden plan of a day trip to see the Taj Mahal. Everything got planned so the trip would be seamless.

We drove down the expressway, reached the Taj Mahal precisely on time. We had pre-booked our entrance and within one hour we saw the entire monument and got to know about its historical facts.

Places with Sara by Aisha Mehta from Gurgaon

Unique architecture with perfect symmetry and exceptional artwork, it was my first experience to visit a wonder of the world.

Places with Sara by Aisha Mehta from Gurgaon

At the entrance gate, there were 22 rooms that represented the number of years it took to build the Taj Mahal. Carrying food items was strictly forbidden and so the entire place was spic and span.

Places with Sara by Aisha Mehta from Gurgaon

It was a pleasant, sunny, winter afternoon for outdoor lunch. We had a relaxing lunch followed by a local sweetmeat ‘Petha’.

Places with Sara by Aisha Mehta from Gurgaon

We took a stroll around the town and got to know that the city is popular for leather crafted products.

Places with Sara by Aisha Mehta from Gurgaon

We wanted to reach Delhi before dinner time, so we started our return journey on time.

In about a while, we reached the National sports club Delhi to have dinner. Within a short drive, we reached home.

Everything went as planned and it was quite a memorable trip. It was a completely new experience for me and I truly enjoyed it.

We are hoping for a future trip to Agra again, to visit the Agra Fort.


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