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National parks in the US : Yellowstone and Everglades |By Param,10, Boston

10-year-old Param from Boston gives us a detailed glimpse into must-visit national parks in the United States.

Everglades National Park US blog kids Bookosmia

National parks are very important to this planet. This is because people get encouraged to protect nature. You can learn many things at national parks like animal species that live in that environment, about the plants that grow there, about ranger programs, and about the landforms or landmarks that are in the national park. National parks can be important to even the smallest of life. For example, if we didn’t have sharks, the fish population would over grow!


You can protect a national park in many ways. You can pick up litter, and you can even encourage other people to help protect the national park. When in a national park, there is a big chance of seeing animal species. You should not catch or harass animals. To know more, you can ask a ranger about what animal species are harmful and the ones that are not.


I’ve had an amazing experience myself visiting some of the best national parks of the United States. My experience has led me to know many things about nature and its ecosystems. I would like to encourage you to visit national parks by sharing some of the national parks that I really enjoyed.


The first national park I really enjoyed was Yellowstone National Park. In Yellowstone, I would recommend to see Old Faithful and the other hot springs. Another place I would recommend in Yellowstone would be Lamar Valley. I haven’t been to Lamar Valley but I know it will be good.

The last day of the trip to Yellowstone National Park was here. I couldn’t believe how quick time went by. I wanted to see a wolf very badly. So, then my dad and mom decided to take me down from Tower-Roosevelt up to Slough Creek because there were many sightings of gray wolves there. Then when we were entering the gate, a ranger that I saw before somewhere else in the park was there. He told me that there was a bison carcass and wolves were feeding on it. I was so excited! Throughout the trip I couldn’t go to Lamar Valley since it was closed. So, on we went, exploring the open fields and prairies that were filled with shrubs.

I couldn’t believe my eyes but there it was, the grey wolf.

The grey wolf at Yellowstone National Park Blog kids
The grey wolf at Yellowstone National Park

(Original Photo taken by Param)


I just took out my camera and started clicking pictures. I observed the wolf rip out the skin and meat of the dead bison. Then, we continued ahead and as usual we saw hundreds of bison grazing on the shrubs and grasses growing around the plains. Soon, it was time for lunch. I had strawberry yogurt with a type of Indian bread called Bhakri. After lunch though, we scouted on the other side of the meadow where we saw a herd of pronghorn. They had really cool horns. I clicked some pictures. After going down the road, I saw a badger. I watched it run through the bushes and down into the rocks. As I was going to take a picture, it disappeared down its burrow – another animal written down in my notebook.


After some time exploring, we decided that we would check out the bison carcass. We went there but there were no wolves feeding at that time. We now went to where the pronghorns were and I used my binoculars to scout the area. Suddenly while scouting, I saw a pack of wolves! There were about five of them resting under the shade of a tree. I couldn’t believe how many animals I saw in the past five hours!


Yellowstone National Park is so biodiverse! We were now driving to the same spots that we already explored. The only animal we saw there were bison, huge herds of them running across the prairie. Then suddenly out of nowhere, a grizzly bear appeared. I was amazed as the bear, the wolf, and the two coyotes were feeding on a carcass I didn’t notice earlier. My family observed the animals for about thirty minutes. I noticed the coyotes annoying the wolf a lot. Then suddenly, the bear disappeared in the forest. Then the coyotes ran off into the bushes. After that, the wolf ran over the ridge and over the hill. I didn’t believe that I saw a wolf, a bear, and two coyotes feeding together on the bison carcass!

Yellowstone National Park Blog kids

(Original Photo Taken by Param)


The second national park I would recommend would be the Everglades.

Everglades National Park US blog kids Bookosmia
Everglades National Park US blog kids Bookosmia

(Original Photo Taken by Param)

Here, I would go to Flamingo Pt. I saw many animals there. I would also recommend going to Shark Valley. As you can see, having a national park is very important.

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