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In a million years-A future adventure story by Ayush,14,Mysore

If you could see the future, what would it look like? 

14-year-old Ayush from Mysore explores this idea through his short story.

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Have you ever wondered what could happen in a million years? If you have, then you are like me. I had wondered what would happen in a million years, and I saw for myself what that looks like. This is the story of how I went forward in time. 


 I went to my grandmother’s house for a week because my parents travelled to Mumbai. We arrived at my grandmother’s house at twelve o’clock. We stayed and chatted for some time, and my grandmother made us lunch before my parents left for Mumbai. At two o’clock, my grandmother and I played Monopoly. After an hour, she received a call from the science lab (my grandmother is a scientist, which is so cool). She said she got a very important call and had to go, promising to be back at six o’clock.


I decided to explore the house.


 While searching in the basement, I stumbled upon a box labeled “VERY IMPORTANT.” Curiosity got the better of me, so I opened it, finding nothing but a smartwatch inside. However, when I wore the smartwatch, I found myself in a forest. The birds there were unlike any I had ever seen before, with dragon-like tails and sharp teeth. Frightened, I ran away and encountered a lizard the size of a car, having two tails, two legs, and no arms, and could stand upright on two legs. Just as I thought I was in danger, some people came to my rescue. Seizing the opportunity, I fled and reached a bustling city. I saw the date on a tower and realized this was the future – a million years later!


 The people in this city were slender, taller, and had six fingers on each hand! I came across a bakery and decided to go inside, but the prices were exorbitant, reaching over thousands. Then, I heard a meowing sound. Expecting a cat, I was surprised to find a dog. This dog was pink with purple dots and was about the size of a modern-day crow. Meanwhile, the crows had two pairs of wings. I witnessed various factories and cars that could fly, and the houses were incredibly impressive. At first glance, the future seemed perfect. However, as I walked further, I stumbled upon a newspaper on the road. As I read it, I discovered that 85% of the Amazon forest had been destroyed by human activities, and global warming was intensifying. 


As my journey continued, I encountered many impoverished individuals whose jobs had been taken over by AI. Feeling hungry, I used the smartwatch to travel back a million years. I was home. 


That’s how I found out what happens in a million years. This has made me understand that our future depends on the actions we take today. 

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