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My experiments with last minute exam prep

Have you ever felt that exams are a burden? Yes? Well, I am the type of student who studies one day before the exams, no matter what subject it is!


My experiments with last minute exam prep


In our school, there is a study holiday for each subject. The first exam is usually math and of course, it is too challenging. After I finish writing my exam, I usually think “Tomorrow is social exam which has 30 lessons so after going home I have to start studying.”

But actually, after I come home I think, “Let me sleep for a while and then continue.”


My experiments with last minute exam prep


Then I end up waking up at 6 pm in the afternoon, sip a cup of coffee and start to study.

When I am studying, my younger brother watches TV so I decide to postpone my studies to the next morning and happily watch TV with him. The next morning at 9 am, I have a glance at the mobile and then I roam here and there, after eating lunch I again sleep. Then I wake up at 6 pm and open the book.


My experiments with last minute exam prep


That’s when I start to panic thinking “Why didn’t I study earlier?” I get into the toughest questions at night and study the easiest questions in the morning.

Before going to school, I revise all the questions and pray to god to get above 85 marks. Then I rush to school with nervousness. And when we students are sitting in exam hall, we pray to God like anything!

My experiments with last minute exam prep

Then the results come and I usually manage to get a 2nd rank so I am happy but perhaps I would be happier if I study everyday without laziness! That’s the goal I want to achieve!


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