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‘My crazy adventures with Acne’ Poem by 14 year old Vikasini S from Chennai

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It was a rainy day. There was a power cut in our town. It all turned dark. Some of the houses were lit where some houses were dark. It was the first day that I saw a big, reddish , irritating bump on my face. I recognized that it was my first acne.

I did not know what to do. Day by day it multiplied. I did not care much about it
that time. Months passed. My face looked ugly with acne. Tears rolled down my cheeks when I went to nearby shops. All saw my face and looked away
hopelessly. I was very sad. But no one asked me why I was getting acne . I also  thought that I should not be bothered by a couple of eyes staring at my
pimples. But I got stressed because of it.


Whenever I saw a girl without pimples, I would stop for a moment and adore her beauty. I would pray to god.  I could not tolerate this acne. Whenever I watched movies, I could only adore the actress for not having acne. I had gone mad. My dear ones refused to talk to me unless I changed the topic.


One lucky day, I went to my grandma’s b’day party. There, no one noticed my  acne. I asked my Nithya Aunty about my negative physical appearance. She looked at me closely and said, “You are beautiful but a little lean.”

I asked, “Is that the only negative?”

She said yes.

I asked her more than 3 times. When I spoke of my acne, she asked, “Is that a  matter?  I too had acne on my face but when I finished my schooling all acne cleared up too. On its own. I did not do anything.


I looked at her closely. Her skin was flawless. She was shining like a star now and said, “Everyone in our family experienced acne but see our faces now. Nothing on their faces now except beautiful smiles!”


That was the turning point of my life.  I said to myself, “What will happen if I  have no pimples? Nothing.

What will happen if I am beautiful  instead? I will be selfie addicted. Nothing more.

Nithya aunty changed me with her positive words and pumped me with positive energy. I wish every kid struggling with acne and other such issues, finds their own Nithya aunty.



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