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My aunt, my best friend |Poem by 14 year old Anandita from Chennai

Who is your favourite person? For 14 year old Anandita from Chennai, its her aunt and here is a poem she wrote to celebrate her special love for her.
aunt poem bookosmia
Cute as a button,
And oh so dear!
You are sugar and spice,
 And everything nice!
Only a heart as kind as yours,
Could give so unselfishly,
And I want you to know,
That you mean the world to me!
The many things you’ve done,
The many times you’ve been there,
Shows me,
How much you care.
Even if we’re miles apart,
We will always be connected heart to heart!
Because in the grueling journey of life,
 When everything else withers away,
An aunt and niece’s bond,
Is something that will always stay!
Family time - Searching for a mother’s love

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  1. Hi Anandita, I loved your poem thoroughly❤️. I liked the way you have expressed ur love and bonding with your aunt. May god bless you. Keep writing such wonderful poems😊😊.

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