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Letter to PM Modi by 8 year old Nivaan from Bangalore

What would you write in your letter to the Prime Minister? 8 year old Nivaan from Bangalore’s letter has some wonderful suggestions to make India better!

Letter to the PM by kids Bookosmia

Dear Narendra Modi Thata (grandfather),

I love my country a lot and I dream of being a great scientist of my country. I know our country has progressed a lot but I think a few more areas need your kind attention.

1.Better footpaths that are safe to walk: each day when I walk to school I see there is hardly any space to walk as it is occupied by cars or people riding vehicles on it.
2.Space center and space program for children so that we interact with scientists and learn more space stuff.

3. Digital library for kids

4. Bring strict rules for people who litter and spit on road
5. Make Public transport cool like other countries like Singapore , France so that more people use it.
Wow, that was such a smart and fun letter to the PM by an 8 year old. What would you say, if you could?
letter to pm by kids bookosmia

13 Responses

  1. We are really proud of Nivaan for his honest and realistic approach in his letter to our honourable Prime Minister. We hope there will many more who will support and join this campaign.


  2. It’s a very good initiative by our little Nivaan. I vouch by the fact that this initiative is going to go a very long way. I personally stand with Novaan’s genuine initiative.

  3. Yes wonderfully said, A problem when spoken up by kids like 8 years and below is a problems that have to considered and sorted out and here are things which is put up by Nivaan Haluvaagilu, really appreciate the boldness and the spirit in him to make India a better place for everyone.

  4. Well written Nivaan 👏👍proud of you
    Yes these are the problems we are facing hope will look into these on your priority

  5. Good job Nivaan 👏👏 well written. I feel India needs to consider such creative ideas coming form young champs like you and start implementing them by interacting will many such creative young minds and giving them an opportunity to be a part of such projects. Doing this can help them to be a responsible citizen of India.

    Come up with many more such creative ideas💡 to make India a better place to live Nivaan.

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