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My art has grown with me| Art By Aadya,9, Bangalore

Paint aadya kids bookosmia

I made this painting above in my art class with Varsha Ma’am. My Mumma liked it so much that she made the same thing too. (I don’t think it came out as well as mine :))

I love art. Of all kinds.

People tell me that my parents used to colour with me, even when I was 2 years old. And it never stopped.

I drew this card for my uncle, Suhas when I was 6 years old. It is based on a famous painting called Starry Starry Night. There is even a song based on this painting and the artist Vincent Van Gogh called Vincent.

Starry night Vincent Art kids Bookosmia

During the lockdown because of COVID, we did an oil crayon artwork everyday. It helped me spend time and we would choose from the internet which painting to do next. Was quite fun when mine came out looking quite similar. Yay!


I was very excited when my art teacher said I was ready to start shading.

My Mumma thinks that I have a natural flair drawing and the curves and lines seem quite effortless.

shading drawing art kids bookosmia

I enjoyed shading a lot. I would just sit while chatting with people and draw something like this.

The small picture is what my art teacher shared and the bigger one is what I drew out.

Here is a landscape I did with crayons a year back.


I really enjoy doodling too. It takes me a long time to even finish a small part of the page but when it is all done, the pictures come out quite well.

Other than colouring this picture, I also got to know that in Spain, such cute colourful houses are common. I really enjoy that the colouring books for kids my age are based on different themes.

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