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‘Mother’ is a powerful word- Poem

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Mother is a powerful word,
Which no one can overcome.
Neither tsunami, nor earthquake,
Neither flood, nor hurricane.

She lives in the center of every child’s heart,
She is a goddess, who still lives on earth.
No power can overtake mother’s power of love,
Not money, nor diamond.

Neither gold, nor silver,
Mother’s love is a blessing from the gods.
She can’t be defeated,
Even by the lord of the lords.

No one can harm a child in her care,
Nor can guns, nor can swords.
Neither can sun, nor can moon,
Mother shares a child’s emotion.

A child in grief means a mother in grief,
A child’s happiness means a mother’s

No secret can be kept from a mother’s eyes,
She can read your mind in no more than a second.


In the scolding of a mother,
There is a lot of love.
In her smiling face,
There is the beauty of dove.


Mother’s love,
Mother’s care,
Is like flying in the air,
A mother is the best.

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