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‘Brother, sister and the TV remote’ Review by 9 year old Sriram from Chennai

Book Review with Sriram Chennai Bookosmia

Book Reviews with Sara for kids, by kids BookosmiaHey there book lovers, your friend Sara here! Soooo many book reviews by kids from all over!

Today, I am proud to bring this special review-an example of what young minds can achieve when allowed the freedom to express themselves.

Here is 9 year old Sriram from Chennai, reviewing a story written by 10 year old Sanaaya Sureka from Kolkata. Isnt it beautiful what we are created?  ‘Book reviews for young readers, by young readers on stories by young writers!’ We are onto something special, isnt it?

Book Review with Sriram activities for kids Bookosmia

Sriram is studying in NSN Matriculation school.  He loves to read, draw and play. He would like to become a doctor. 

Sriram loves his father, mother, teachers and NSN School, Chennai

Read with Sara story over TV Remote Bookosmia

Title – Brother, Sister And  The TV Remote 

Author- Sanaaya Sureka

Publisher – Bookosmia
 I discovered this story  on the Bookosmia website.
It is an interesting story in which a girl wants to watch a channel and her brother wants to watch a different channel. Then the sister and brother fought for the TV remote and his brother went to read books. Later the sister got bored in watching TV alone.
The lead characters are the brother and sister. They used to watch television together- that was interesting about them.
The central idea of the story is it is more fun to do things together. They should watch television, half an hour for each of them to pick their favourite channel.
The writing style was nice.
My favourite part of the story is that the brother and sister both said sorry to each other.
My understanding of the story is that we should be able to give up some things to enjoy the company of our loved ones.
If I could change something, I would be changing the play time for them.
I recommend this story for age group- 7 to 13 years.
I would give the story a 5 ratings out of 5*

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


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